Naughty Cowboy Boxset

Give yourself time to settle in with three full-length, standalone, reverse harem romances loaded with cowboys who are as comfortable in the saddle as they are in the bedroom.

You don’t want miss this set of hot cowboys waiting to be roped in!

Book One – 3 Cowboys For The Bride

I’m marrying the man of my dreams.
That’s the problem. I’m in love with 3 men of my dreams.
So, I ran . . . and they followed.

Book Two – 3 Cowboys And The Virgin

I’ve moved in with the cowboy of my dreams.
Actually, I’ve moved in with 3 cowboys of my dreams.
I’m so very bad.

Book Three – 3 Cowboys For The Librarian

Getting lost in a romance novel is my passion.
Getting lost in a real life romance with three gorgeous cowboys… ecstasy!


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