Whoa, outta nowhere, my BFF is heading for the altar.

Enter Grant, her brother and my ex-major crush, to whisk me from Cali’s cool vibes to Florida’s hot beaches. His smoky gaze? Yeah, my total weak spot.

Next thing we know, my pup Brute and I are rolling with Grant and his smokin’ hot buddies, Blake and Jerry, to catch our flight. But bam! It’s cancelled. Normally, I’d say adios, cause flying? Not my jam.

Then Blake drops the bomb – a cross-country race with a million-dollar jackpot. What wouldn’t I do for that much cash?

Suddenly, we’re game for this crazy chase run by their swanky private club. Did I mention the club idea has my heart racing just as much as these dudes?

The wedding? Now it’s looking like a cherry on top of this wild ride.

Days turn into a fierce race against the other teams, but nights? They’re all ours. And trust me, they’re scorchin’ hot.

Not gonna lie, saying ‘no’ to Grant was always tough, even when he broke my heart. But now with Jerry, who’s pure fire, and Blake, the ultimate bad-boy dessert, ‘no’ just isn’t in my vocabulary. Maybe this time, Grant and I can make it work… after all, how can anyone resist these three irresistible hotties?

Race To The Altar is a sizzling, why choose romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes, all done with a touch of humor, and a spark of heat that just might melt your Kindle. For more information, please use the Read Sample feature. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!


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