Miss Matched

Fine… I gave the dating app a chance.
Never did I think it could work out like this.
Way too crazy hot!

He’s the adorable chef at my favorite pizzeria.
I’m a student at the local university.
A match made in heaven…
If only we could admit our attraction to each other.
Which we can’t.

A dating-app glitch brings us together.
And we end-up at his parents’ house on Christmas Eve…
In separate rooms.
Did I mention the dating-app glitch that assigned us different identities?
Just for fun, we text each other using our glitch names.
Our messages quickly get oh-so-naughty.
We’re saying and doing things we’d only ever imagined.
Our fantasies are so sizzling hot, my phone might melt.
We can’t stop ourselves.
It’s way too addicting.

Just how far can we take this deliciously wicked, sexting game?
Oh, all the way…

Miss Matched is a stand-alone, full-length novel filled with humor, steamy-hot moments, and strong family ties.


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