Three Times the Trouble

I need to get closer to Austin Sentry and his country band.
They need a nanny.
What can possibly go wrong?

I’m determined to sign the Austin Sentry Band to the talent agency I work for.
This commitment has caused me to do things I wouldn’t normally do.
Including acting as nanny to their lively, sometimes downright mischievous children.

Austin Sentry is a dedicated father, and a sexy-hot country singer who melts my heart every time I see him perform.

Kasey West doesn’t know how drop-dead, deliciously gorgeous he is, nor does he care. He’s too busy raising his adopted niece, writing the next hit song, and giving his fans, what they want… more of Kasey West.

Boon Rivera is all ripped, hard-body, and muscle with a smoldering smile that could stop a train. He’s a single dad with a soft-spot as big as an ocean for his spirited young son.

What begins as a means to my triumphant end-game, turns out to be oh-so-much-more. Especially when we each share all the dirty little bedroom secrets, we’d been reluctant to confess to anyone.

Now we’re sharing everything, even our hot, sinfully-wicked nights.

I’m falling hard and fast for these three, downhome, country stars, and admitting I have an ulterior motive, just might ruin everything…

Is this a risk I’m willing to take or do I simply hold my personal dreams in check and enjoy my new life?

Three Times The Trouble is a sizzling, small-town, country music, reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes, all done with a touch of humor, and a spark of heat that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed…Thanks for reading!!


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