What’s a bride to do when her groom doesn’t show up for the wedding?
Run away to Cricket, that’s what!

My groom abandoned me.
I had a choice to make.
Return home with my overbearing, but ridiculously rich parents…
Or run away to Cricket with my bubbly, always positive cousin, Connie.

Little did I know that Cricket isn’t the type of place to hide.
It’s the type of place where magic happens.

As soon as I arrive, I meet Giorgio.
A brilliant clockmaker, with a velvety voice, arms that could carry me for miles, and a hard body that’s swoon worthy.

And Callum, who works with stained glass and is blessed with a smile that could melt steel.
He’s tall and lean with the right amount of cocky that draws me to him like a magnet.

Max, who likes to work with his hands, is hot-as-sin, totally ripped and deliciously confident.
Just being around him heals my jilted wounds and makes me glad my would-be groom did his worst.

Meeting these three uncensored and hotter-than-hot men puts me on a path I never dreamed possible. My heart is in need of repair. And it just might take all three of these delectable craftsmen to do the job right.

A Little Jilted is a sizzling, small-town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes all done with a touch of humor that just might melt your Kindle. It can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!


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