Royal Reverse Harem

Who knew that Mulvinia, a small country nestled on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, could be the source of so much royal chaos and passion? Where an evil prince tries his best to disrupt the order of things, but with the help of some incredibly brave and equally scorching hot guardsmen, the royal women do everything in their power to restore what is legally theirs.

Pleasure by her Guardsmen

Book 1

My guardsmen are my protectors, my defenders . . . my lovers.

When I took a DNA test to learn more about my secret ancestry, it turned out that my relatives were from Mulvinia, a small country nestled on the Mediterranean coast of Italy.

Over the next three years, I traveled to Mulvinia, met King Matteo, married him, gained the title of Princess Queen, and became a widow when the King died in a car accident.

Now, my king is gone, and my stepson, Prince Raymond, who is a year younger than I am, is threatening to steal the throne, and send me back to Nebraska, where I grew up.

But my four guardsmen don’t want me to leave. There’s a possibility I could be crowned Queen, and until the official Declaration is read, they will remain by my side.

When Prince Raymond threatens my life, my guardsmen whisk me away to a secret villa for my own safety. Once there, they awaken desires in me . . . hot, passionate desires.

Sergio, the secret Italian Prince with hungry eyes that burn deep into my soul.
Tenchi, the warrior who has awakened my inner dragon.
Paolo, the charmer, who ignites a fire within me that threatens to consume us both.
Luca, the feral teddy bear whose touch arouses a need so strong, it leaves me breathless.

I want more than their protection. I want pleasure, and they give it willingly.


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Desired by Her Guardsmen

Book 2

I’ve just been assigned new guardsmen . . . three insanely hot, feral guardsmen with one thing on their minds . . . the desire to fulfill my every need.

Once I learned I was a true princess, I moved to Mulvinia from rural Nebraska. Mulvinia is a small country nestled on the Mediterranean coast of Italy known for its lush landscape, warm citizens and a monarchy in turmoil.

My sister has been crowned Queen, but that’s not the end of the story. Rather, it’s only the beginning. Her stepson, Prince Raymond, will do anything to take back what he believes is rightfully his, the throne.

And it’s up to me to stop him . . . with the help of my luscious and brave guardsmen, of course. Not only can they protect me, but they have stirred passions deep within me that can only be satisfied once I completely surrender to each of them.

Michael, the New Yorker who gives his love freely and openly.
David, the perfectionist who ignites a passion so intense that I worry we might self-combust.
Giovanni, the seductive, overly sexy Italian warrior who holds a secret that threatens to destroy us all.

I can feel their longing for me, their hunger, their passionate desires. I’m more than willing to satisfy their every craving, but will our love be enough to withstand the enemy that once again threatens to destroy the entire kingdom for ultimate power?


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Craved by Her Guardsmen

Book 3

Each of us knows what we want: passion. It’s only a matter of time before we find it in each other’s arms…

I wasn’t cut out to be a princess in the far-away country of Mulvinia, at least I didn’t think so until one of my guardsmen received a lead on my missing parents. With their help and devotion, I went into action to not only find my parents, but to end the tyranny of an evil prince.

Our days are spent in pursuit of our goal, while our nights are spent in pursuit of each other. We’re in Monte Carlo, a place where passion, desire and our carnal appetites can be fulfilled.

My three guardsmen willingly share me as their lover, partner and soul mate as I helplessly succumb to their muscled bodies, hot tantalizing kisses and seductive cravings.

Will I be able to save my parents and forge a lasting bond with three gorgeous men who crave me and are willing to give their lives for me or will I fail in both missions only to return to a life of royal boredom where nothing seems to matter?


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