Each of us knows what we want: passion. It’s only a matter of time before we find it in each other’s arms…

I wasn’t cut out to be a princess in the far-away country of Mulvinia, at least I didn’t think so until one of my guardsmen received a lead on my missing parents. With their help and devotion, I went into action to not only find my parents, but to end the tyranny of an evil prince.

Our days are spent in pursuit of our goal, while our nights are spent in pursuit of each other. We’re in Monte Carlo, a place where passion, desire and our carnal appetites can be fulfilled.

My three guardsmen willingly share me as their lover, partner and soul mate as I helplessly succumb to their muscled bodies, hot tantalizing kisses and seductive cravings.

Will I be able to save my parents and forge a lasting bond with three gorgeous men who crave me and are willing to give their lives for me or will I fail in both missions only to return to a life of royal boredom where nothing seems to matter?

Craved By Her Guardsmen is the last book in the 3 book series. It’s a sinfully sexy, scorching hot reverse harem romance with a guaranteed HEA! Thanks for reading!



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