Thee Times the Down Home

I moved to Sweet Whiskey for a new beginning, never expecting to meet three irresistible, incredibly handsome songwriters who changed all my best-laid plans.

With my marriage on the rocks, and being legally separated from the cheating,
scoundrel that I still called my husband, my move to Sweet Whiskey, a town that
I’d spent most of my summers with my dad while growing up, made me exceptionally happy.

Meeting up with three younger country songwriters who quickly brought me out of my failed marriage funk, promised to be delicious, hot fun with no strings attached.

Jax Belmont is the youngest of the group, and has a wicked smile that could melt steel. He’s a brilliant guitarist and even more brilliant at melting my jaded heart.

Clay Murphy looks like a young Elvis, down to those baby blues accentuated by thick, black eyelashes. He’s a cool breeze on a hot day and can move his hips like the King himself… Oh baby!

Declan Hough is downright swoon worthy. Not only can he sweep a girl off her feet with just one sinful look, but he can write song lyrics that will drop that girl directly to her knees.

Now the four of us are holed-up in the house I inherited from my dad, writing country music by day, and enjoying each other one hot night at a time… that is until a situation arises that threatens to uproot and destroy my beautiful, new life.

Will I allow this unwanted twist to level everything I’m now loving or will I stand strong and embrace my down-home future with three men who have captured my country soul?

Three Times the Down-Home is a sizzling, small-town, country music, reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes, all done with a touch of humor, and a spark of heat that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!


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