Cowboy Heat

Why choose one cowboy when you can have three wickedly-hot cowboys who cater to your every desire?

Book 1

One man has never been enough for me. Three men… and I’m just getting started.

I’d noticed wickedly gorgeous, panty-dropping Boone Gentry from the moment he’d walked into Last Call, the tavern where I worked. I’d only been carrying cocktails for a few weeks, but every Saturday night Boone was a fixture at the bar getting shit-faced until closing. That was until a woman abandoned her baby on the barstool next to his, claiming he might be the daddy.

I found myself getting tangled up with not only Boone, but his two equally outstanding looking cousins, Tucker and Vince, who seemed to not only share their incredibly successful tech business and their luxury ranch, but also their women… just whose baby was this? I’d stay until they learned the truth, then I was outta there.

Nanny duty by day, and oh-so-hot nights dripping with intoxicating pleasure that exceeded even my most wickedly dirty fantasies spoiled me for anything resembling normal. I couldn’t stay… I shouldn’t stay… this thing we shared would certainly never last… or would it?


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Book 2

They’d been my best friends… until tragedy struck.

I never wanted to see them again.

Never say never.

When a generous offer comes in for the ranch I deserted two years ago, soon after my husband’s memorial, I decide it might be time to sell and give myself some closure. The only thing stopping me are my three best friends who still tend to the daily needs of the ranch. I owe it to them to show up in person and tell them my plans.

As soon as I see Toby again, the smoldering, hard-bodied loner, I know I’ve made a monumental mistake returning to the ranch I’d once loved. His touch generates a heat so intense I can hardly breathe.

When I meet up with Dale, with his smooth wit, that boy-next-door attitude, and his chiseled body, I find it impossible to control my dirty thoughts.

And when Josh, looking drop-dead gorgeous with his jeans slung low on his hips, and a smile that could melt skin, gives me one of his bear hugs, I lose all sense of purpose and realize how much I want these three rugged cowboys in my bed.

But am I ready for love again… and with my best friends? Are these brawny, strong-willed wranglers willing to share me? And if they are, how can I possibly sell the ranch?

What’s a cowgirl supposed to do?


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Book 3

My intention was to spend a little time with my favorite aunt in her small California town and lick my recent breakup wounds.

But when she dares me to take charge of my crumbling life, I never expected her dare to include three gorgeous hunks and a career upgrade.

After running my car off an unfamiliar road late at night, in the middle of a rain storm, and getting rescued by possibly the most enticing sheriff I’d ever met, I had little choice but to accept his generous offer of his guestroom, and a visit from the town’s only doctor.

My aunt, who owns the local tavern, shows up less than 24 hours later to take me to her house, but the doctor insists I stay put for a few more days. When that same aunt dares me to make the most of this alluring situation, I gladly take up the challenge.

Sheriff Trace Lansing, the soft-spoken, rugged giant with a hard body made for sin.
Doc Austin, a kind and capable man, with a bedside manner that leaves me breathless.
Cory Martin, the delicious muscle-bound sheriff’s deputy, who can charm me right out of my panties with his killer smile.

After a steamy encounter with two of these gorgeous men, who dare me to do things I never dreamt possible, my aunt hands me an offer I reluctantly accept. Soon I move into an apartment in town to take over her business. With a little encouragement from my three new lovers, I just might be able to pull this off and stick around longer than I ever expected… or will I?


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Book 4

What happens in Vegas… oh babe, it’s positively sinful!

I don’t mind slinging drinks in a casino at night as long as I can learn rodeo skills from my gorgeous hunk of a trainer by day.

But when my trainer comes on to me, and the two visiting cowboys offer me a challenge… How can I refuse? A girl can only deny herself, while she’s reaching for her goal, for so long, and once that horse is out of the barn… well, there’s no returning to normal, ever.

I’ve been crushing on Dylan Chapman ever since our first lesson, with his perfectly ripped chest, smoldering deep chocolate eyes, and those manicured Vegas hands. We always kept things professional… until we didn’t.

Chad Larson, a rodeo cowboy who can sweet talk a girl right out of her panties in just a few words, is not only too hot to ignore, but he’s also my biggest competitor.

Blake Brown has the kind of whiskey colored eyes that make me woozy with one glance. He wears his jeans so low on his hips, it’s only by a force of nature they stay up at all, and his smile gets my heart racing to a point where I might actually swoon.

I told myself I would never, ever fall for a rodeo cowboy, but when these three hotter-than-a-branding-iron sharpshooters surround me, all bets are off. I can’t help but get wrangled into their circle, and once I do, it’s positively sinful.


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