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Race to the Altar

Without warning, my bff is getting married.

And just to be sure I make it, her brother shows up at my front door ready to escort me from California to Florida for the main event.

I never could say no to dreamy-eyed Grant. He’s always been my undoing.

Off to the airport we go, along with my sweet little doggy, Brute, only to meet up with Grant’s two ridiculously handsome business partners, Blake and Jerry.

The flight’s been cancelled…

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The Dirty Coyote Series

Three Times the Swoon

Yet here they are, expecting me to pick up where we left off.
I’m one lucky lady!

Three Times the Trouble

I need to get closer to Austin Sentry and his country band.
They need a nanny.
What could possibly go wrong?

Three Times the Wilder Days

Planning a wedding is easy. Planning to keep your distance from the bride’s sexy-hot brother and his deadly handsome bandmates is something else entirely.

Three Times the Down Home

I moved to Sweet Whiskey for a new beginning, never expecting to meet three irresistible, incredibly handsome songwriters who changed all my best-laid plans.

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